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From its founding in 1908 by George Parmly Day, Yale University Press sought to acquire and publish important works of scholarship, issuing its first book—The Beginnings of Gospel Story, by Benjamin W. Bacon—in 1909. Originally based out of a cubbyhole-size office in Manhattan, the Press moved to an office in New Haven in 1910, where it could develop alongside the University.

From the start, the Press set a high standard not only for its acquisitions but also for its vision of the book as object. From 1918 to 1948, all of its books were designed under the guidance of Carl Purington Rollins, later celebrated as a highly influential craftsman of the art of the book. 

By publishing serious works that contribute to a global understanding of human affairs, Yale University Press aids in the discovery and dissemination of light and truth, lux et veritas, which is a central purpose of Yale University. The publications of the Press are books and other materials that further scholarly investigation, advance interdisciplinary inquiry, stimulate public debate, educate both within and outside the classroom, and enhance cultural life.

In its commitment to increasing the range and vigor of intellectual pursuits within the university and elsewhere, Yale University Press continually extends its horizons to embody university publishing at its best.

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