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Readara - Specializing in professional, non-fiction books

With more than 150,000 non-fiction books published every year, how can anyone keep abreast of the new titles in their areas of interest and know which are worth reading?

Readara provides an open platform for discovering new books, reading peer reviews, and learning about the authors.

Readara selectively filters titles by subject and category to focus attention on the books relevant to specific professional disciplines.

Connecting readers, authors, and publishers

Readara provides a unique platform and tools that facilitate open communication between readers with common interests, authors, and publishers of non-fiction books.

In addition to advanced searching, registered users can rate books, authors, and publishers; write reviews, make recommendations, or post suggestions for authors; and join discussion groups focused on specific areas of interest.

They can also create recommended reading lists to share with their peers.

Readers - Discover a new book

Readers can create and maintain a public profile page indicating profession, areas of interest, and available contact information.

The profile will also include a listing of reviews, rankings, and their membership in book circles.

Authors - Connect with readers

Authors can create a separate, profile page where they can provide information about their published works, works in progress, and other information.

The profile page is designed with an area where an author can answer reader questions and share ideas and post audio and video interviews.

Publishers - Promote books

Publishers can create a separate, publisher profile page with details about their company, authors, and book lists.

They can use the page to promote forthcoming books, author interviews, and special promotional offers.

Reader feedback will offer publishers a gauge of market demand and a direct link to the market.

Market Sellers - Services Providers

Book sellers or service providers, can create a separate profile page indication their offerings. Sellers can use the page to promote upcoming book signings, store promotions, or inventory.

Other service providers, such as editors, graphic designers, or printers, can use the page to describe their services and help authors in creating and marketing a book.

Wholesalers and distributors can participate in marketplace and sell books to a growing audience of book readers.

  How it Works?